What Is

What is Paediatric Tui Na?

Paediatric Tui Na is a traditional Chinese massage therapy specifically designed for children. It involves the use of various techniques including pressing, rubbing, and manipulating the acupoints on a child’s body. This therapy is safe, non-invasive and can effectively treat a wide range of paediatric conditions.

Paediatric Tui Na is a holistic approach that aims to address the root cause of a child’s issue and not just treat their symptoms. It is an effective alternative to conventional medical treatments and can be easily integrated into a child’s daily routine.

Benefits Of

Paediatric Tui Na

Paediatric Tui Na works holistically, pressing specific Meridian points to achieve healing. It has the following benefits:

  • Offers a personalised solution to children’s illnesses. A skilled paediatric Tui Na expert will consider all your children’s symptoms to personalise the massage therapy. This will lead to better results, even after 1-2 sessions.
  • Improves overall children’s health. Paediatric Tui Na promotes the flow of healing energy “Qi” and enhances immune system function.
  • Makes a natural and drug-free alternative treatment. It is a natural, manual, and drug-free alternative to medication. If you want to decrease your child’s symptoms without medication, paediatric Tui Na is a great choice.
  • Can complement other TCM therapies. Paediatric Tui Na complements other therapies such as herbal medicine. This results in even better and more long-lasting outcomes.
  • Promotes both physical and mental health. Paediatric Tui Na goes beyond treating the physical conditions of your child. It is also beneficial for mental health issues such as stress or hyperactivity.

There are several studies proving the efficiency of Tui Na in various kids’ illnesses. A collective study has found that paediatric Tui Na improves acute diarrhoea in children. Other studies showcase promising results in treating constipation, hyperactivity, and paediatric asthma.

What Happens

During a Tui Na Session

Before starting the therapy, the physician will consider your child’s medical history. This may include any past illnesses, surgeries, prescriptions, etc.

To kickstart the Tui Na session, the child will have to expose target areas of their body. The physician will then use a small towel to cover these spots. This will make your child more comfortable and prevent any colds.

Typically, the massage starts from the head, then to the limbs, the middle body, and lastly to the lower limbs. The physician will pay extra attention to the pressure of certain spots. Massage movements may include gentle pinching, rolling, rotating and finger-stroking. The exact message movements vary based on the targeted area.

The entire massage session lasts usually 20-30 minutes. However, the duration of each session depends on the child’s age and condition. The more severe the problem is, the more time and sessions will be necessary for treating the problem.

To Know

Paediatric Tui Na Side Effects & Complications

Paediatric Tui Na is generally very safe without any major side-effects. However, it is not suitable for all children. Children with serious health problems like cancer, renal failure, or major heart problems should stay away from Tui Na. The physician also should not massage any spots with outer infections as this may spread the infection further.

Additionally, paediatric Tui Na may be slightly painful or uncomfortable for your child. If you are working with a skilled physician, though, the pain and discomfort will be minimal. Your child will likely feel a pleasant tickling pressure.

If you take your child on a full stomach, they may vomit during or right after the session. To prevent this, follow your doctor’s guidelines and prepare your child accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does paediatric Tui Na massage involve the application of needles?

No, it does not involve the application of needles.

3. How can I prepare my child for the session?

Make sure that your child wears comfortable and loose clothing. Also, avoid bringing your child on an empty or full stomach to prevent digestion problems.

5. How much does paediatric Tui Na cost?

Paediatric Tui Na is generally very affordable in Malaysia. A single session costs between RM 90 to RM 150 (depending on the session duration and child’s condition).

2. What is the difference between a paediatric Tui Na massage with an adult Tui Na?

Paediatric Tui Na uses a similar method to adult Tui Na but with much gentler and child-appropriate strokes.

4. How early can I bring my child for a Tui Na massage?

Based on safety considerations, we suggest bringing a child in as early as 6 months old.

6. Should I do anything to care for my child after the session?

You don’t have to do anything to your child after the session. It’s best to avoid bathing your child for three hours after the session. If you do, there won’t be any major side effects, but it may lead to a sudden change in the child’s temperature. We also recommend keeping away your child from overly cold or hot spaces for the same reason.

We at Thomson TCM centre are proud to offer your child the care it needs. Our holistic approach, years of expertise, and pleasant ambiance makes us a perfect choice for paediatric Tui Na in Malaysia.

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