Female Infertility From The Perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Infertility is the inability of a sexually active, non-contracepting couple to achieve pregnancy in one year or more. With higher standard of living tend to have higher incidents of infertility, has become a common problem in today’s society.  Infertility can be classified by causes into two categories, there are the male infertility and female infertility. In this article, we will share the causes of female infertility in Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.

1) Kidney Deficiency

The kidneys store the essence (jing) and are the foundation of the primary yin and yang for all other organs. The kidney is fundamental for birth, growth and reproduction. For those night owl who enjoys staying up late nights, taking diet pills for weight control, excessive sexual activity will harm their body kidney’s Qi, as the results the kidney essence depletes, failing to combine with the essence of male and resulting in infertility. In addition, people nowadays often marry late, as they ages, the kidney qi declines, it is no surprised for them to realized that when they decided to conceive, their stamina is poor and difficulty in conceiving after numerous efforts.

2) Blood Deficiency

The blood is believed to be fundamental block for women physiological activities such as menstruation, pregnancy, birth and lactation. When a women cultivates bad eating habits for instances irregular meal, picky eaters, obsession with weight lost or someone who undergo surgery or suffering from heavy menstruation are the causes of insufficient of blood and essence in the body causing the chong and ren meridian becomes empty which leads to infertility.

3) Liver Stagnation

The stress from modern life including working, eagerness for a baby made women more susceptible to depression related disorders which leads to liver qi stagnation, incapability of dispersion and dredging of qi, blood and qi disharmony, disharmony between chong and ren meridian, poor circulation of blood and qi resulting in failure to conceive.

4) Cold Uterus

Cold ice drink beverage

Cold uterus has become normal phenomenon in Asian. Often times when women consulting a TCM physician, they will always ask whether they are the victim of cold uterus. Cold uterus are the results of negligence and improper care during menstrual period and postpartum, favoring raw and cold food, caught in the rain, improper or insufficient clothing in cold season, living in a cold and damp area for extended length of time leads to pathogenic cold in uterus as a result, failure of uterus in facilitate sperm collection and allow conception.

5) Phlegm-dampness Constitution

Climate in southeast asia is humid all year around and the preference for oily and spicy food. In our clinical practice we have observed many female patients having the body constitution of phlegm-dampness. So what gives this phlegm-dampness body constitution? For instance lunch meal for working adults commonly seen is fried kueh teow and ice coke, or for dinner laksa with ice tea, this combination of diet will harm our spleen-stomach yang and qi thus increasing in fat absorptions. Girl refuse to eat veggies

Over the time they will question themselves, “why am I gaining weight even though I am just breathing?’, “skipping meals and not loosing weight?”. As ancient saying goes: “Obese women have the preference for liquor and obsessed in eating will experience irregular menstruation, and by having excessive body fats it will obstruct the uterus thus leading to infertility”.

6) Blood Stagnation

Mother Flowers Pregnant Woman Baby Pregnancy Belly

Poor circulation of blood and qi resulting in blood stagnation. The most common causes are emotional distress, liver qi stagnation, wind-cold pathogenic qi, or menstrual fluid or postpartum blood not fully discharged. It is believed that the old blood resides in the uterus, fresh blood cannot be formed.

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Author Info

Wee Min Soo

Wee Min Soo

Ms Soo Wee Min holds a Master’s Degree under the tutelage of Professor Guo Zhi Qiang (one of China’s leading experts in gynaecology of Chinese Medicine) and Wang Bi Qin, the Chief Physician of Dongzhimen Chinese Medicine Hospital. Her Master’s Degree specializes in Clinical Science of Integrative Medicine, with sub-specialisation in Gynaecology.
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